Pet Odor & Stain Removal


Tomahawk Professional Services

Pet Stain Removal Service in Clifton, NJ

As a pet owner, you may have resigned yourself to smelly, unsightly carpets. Fortunately, Tomahawk Professional Services specializes in pet stain and odor removal. As an established carpet cleaning service in Clifton, NJ, and surrounding areas, we have the proper tools and skills to eliminate even the strongest pet odors and stains.

Treat Your Carpets to a Deep Cleaning

At Tomahawk Professional Services, our pet odor and stain removal services are designed to transform your carpets and improve your interior as a whole. When you hire us, we'll take the time to assess the state of your carpets and then use our arsenal of tools and techniques to get rid of dirt, debris, and those unpleasant pet smells. We pride ourselves on our complete professionalism and attention to detail while keeping our rates reasonable and affordable.

Don't let your pets ruin your carpeting. We can help. Call us today for more information or to schedule a FREE estimate.