Tile & Stone Restoration


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Tile and Stone Restoration in Clifton, NJ

When investing in tile floors, you want to make sure you keep them looking beautiful year-round. The same goes for any stone flooring you may have in your backyard or home. We at Tomahawk also specialize in the cleaning and restoration of your tiles or stone. We will have your grout lines looking brand new and your stone really shining. It takes a detailed-eye and the right touch to ensure that the grout stays unharmed and the stone stays in place. You can count on Tomahawk to have every little detail of your home taken care of. Have linoleum floors looking dull, dirty, and lifeless? Not a problem. A thorough and professional cleaning by Tomahawk will get your floors looking their best.

Breathe new life into your floors. Give us a call for a FREE estimate today! We are happy to come to your home and see what challenges come our way.