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Water damage stems from many sources, whether it is water coming into a basement during a rainstorm, a leaky roof, a failed sump pump, or bursting pipes during the harsh winter months. No matter what the cause of your water damage is, Tomahawk is ready to help put your mind at ease with our water repair services. Water can’t wait which means neither can you - call Tomahawk for all of your Clifton, NJ water damage needs.

Tomahawk is IICRC Certified and well-equipped in water remediation for any type of issue that may arise. Using a combination of drying techniques with specialized equipment, Tomahawk will guarantee that your home, office, or place of establishment will be completely mitigated from any water damage. Black mold is a common result of water damage and is the #1 leading cause of many respiratory issues and many times you may not even realize there is mold in your home. Upon thorough investigation, Tomahawk will detect the mold growing in your home and will advise you on the severity of the issue and will further mitigate the growth using antimicrobial treatments. Keep you and your loved ones safe - if you’ve had water damage to your home take action and call Tomahawk immediately!

We at Tomahawk know how overwhelming it can be when there is damage to your home or office and dealing with insurance is the last thing you want to do. Tom happily deals with all insurance companies in making them aware of exactly what is going on in your home or office and provides accurate and precise documentation. We do our best to make sure our customers are at ease and that the whole process when it comes to water repair is as smooth as can be from start to finish.

Don’t hesitate to give Tomahawk a call - we operate 24/7 for ALL Emergency Services and will be promptly at your home or office to put you at ease.

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-Water Extraction
-Antimicrobial Treatments
-Restorative Drying
-LGR Dehumidifiers
-HEPA Air Movers
-HEPA Air Scrubbers
-Heated Air Movers
-Debris & Hazardous Waste Removal
-And Much More!